Miraite Global LTD

Imports & Exports Made Easy

We are a fully capable, sub-regional Import and Export company, providing Logistics Services, Business Consultancy services as well as Real Estate Management services. We cater to large, medium scale, and SME’s as well as individuals who are interested in moving goods in and out of our service countries.


From the farm to your fridge, or from the warehouse to your wardrobe, Miraite Global LTD is creating safe, sure and secure routes to maintain the flow of quality products and solutions to Africa, from the rest of the world.

Our focus is on solving your supply chain needs by taking care of the complexities of imports and exports, just for you.

Our Logistics services covers major routes from Europe, U.S and the U.K, to your doorstep.

Our experienced consultants are here to help you set, achieve and maintain your business goals.

We build new structures, modify existing ones, and improve real estate in order to increase its value. 

Whatever you need, we make it happen

Take advantage of our cost effective solutions to meet your import / export, business consultancy, real estate and logistics needs.

We know what you need

We know about your hectic schedule, and how you want things to be done. This is why we go all out to create simple, practical and cost effective solutions to meet your needs. We take out the complexities and explore the possibilities.

We do what it takes

We remain at the forefront of our service industry, creating  innovative solutions, making the relevant global connections and leveraging on our trusted partners to deliver top notch services that will keep you ahead of your competition.