Miraite Global LTD

Business Consultancy

We have mastered the art of tweaking the intangible units under the hood in order to affect the tangible units on the dashboard: to optimise brand service delivery, improve efficiency and affect overall brand perception. 

Deeper and more detailed insight

Companies that leverage on the techniques required to master the art of tweaking the finer details - the intangible units of the brand - will be better positioned to outperform their peers.

Marketing & Sales

We are driven to make the changes that matter in your marketing and sales strategy.  We will design, develop, and  activate the strategy; execute, monitor, fine-tune, and redeploy until we get the best techniques that work for you. 

Strategy & Corporate Finance

Uncertain times demand bold responses, yet many large corporations tend toward timidity and inertia. To be successful, companies must make bold moves to unlock new sources of growth. Making the right moves involves using granular analysis to choose the right submarkets, and upending the traditional approach to planning by reallocating resources—people, money, and management—to new areas.

Business Operations

Companies that use operations to move fast and build new capabilities at scale will gain a competitive advantage. Our Operations Practice sits at the intersection of strategy, technology, and transformation. We connect boardroom strategies to the frontline, infusing technology where and when it matters, and rapidly delivering lasting transformations enabled by capability building.