Miraite Global LTD

Import & Export Solutions

Whatever service industry you operate in, we have the solutions  designed to offer both SME’s as well as large scale brands, the solutions they need to scale their businesses. Our customers enjoy  consistent import and export services across major trade lanes. We provide our clients a holistic end-to-end experience.

All -in - one cost

We provide all- in- one import and export fees such that you will not need to worry about any hidden fees.

Local Authority License Compliance

We go a step further to help our clients with whatever product / service licenses they require to legally import their goods. we also manage customs relationships for our clients.

Clearance Handling

Our professional team handles all documentation related to your imports and exports so you don't have to worry about any codes, or details.

Door to door logistics management

We provide you with full transparency tracking status on your cargo.

Get help from start to finish

When we are at the helm of your import and export affairs, we take care of the entire process from start to finish.

Product Sourcing

We work closely with our customer to source the required products from the factory to their doorstep. We offer competitive advantages for customer with a large collection of manufacturers and suppliers, we guarantee the best value for money.

Cross Border Shipping

We pride ourselves as being a company that truly takes a rigorous and proven approach to cross border shipping.

Delivery methods and timing

Depending on our customers needs, we use the cheapest, safest and fastest routes to get their goods to shore. You can be guaranteed of a safe, secure, and timely shipping service experience with us.