Miraite Global LTD

Oil & Gas

We know what the future holds in terms of the challenges and opportunities available in the energy sector. Our work directly impacts the livelihood of millions of people, by driving social and economic progress. We welcome you to partner with us in an exciting, dynamic and rewarding venture. 

What We do

Miraite Global functions as a brokerage advisory firm providing its expertise in oil and gas in the main stream, midstream and down streams. Miraite together with it’s partners deal in oil and gas exploration, floating production storage, marine transportation, engineering and maintenance services. At Miraite global, you can be assured of professional advise, service and input that meets your requirements.

Upstream Exploration & Production

Upstream businesses consist of companies involved in the exploration and production of oil and gas. These are the firms that search the world for reservoirs of the raw materials and then drill to extract that material. These companies are often known as “E&P” for “exploration and production.”

The upstream segment is characterized by high risks, high investment capital, extended duration as it takes time to locate and drill, as well as being technologically intensive. 

Midstream- Shipping, Trucking & Pipelines

Midstream businesses are those that are focused on transportation. They are the ones responsible for moving the extracted raw materials to refineries to process the oil and gas. Midstream companies are characterized by shipping, trucking, pipelines, and storing of the raw materials. The midstream segment is also marked by high regulation, particularly on pipeline transmission, and low capital risk. The segment is also naturally dependent on the success of upstream firms.

Downstream - Refining

Downstream businesses are the refineries. These are the companies responsible for removing impurities and converting the oil and gas to products for the general public, such as gasoline, jet fuel, heating oil, and asphalt.