Miraite Global LTD

Road Construction

Success through experience and innovation. We are also backed by sophisticated health and safety management and a fully quality accredited, field-tested and fully integrated management systems.

Built to last

We have a strong history of delivering high quality projects in partnership with other mid-tier contractors in joint venture agreements and alliances, as well as providing our knowledge and skill base as a dedicated specialised subcontractor to Tier 1 constructors.

Our Competence

We specialize in delivering design and construction infrastructure as well as executing development projects for roads, bridges and pavements.

Our Objective

We aim to deliver responsible transportation infrastructure that enhances the unique natural surroundings.

We employ a  ‘reduce and reuse’ approach to civil works, while avoiding practices that may escalate any detrimental environmental impact.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our quality systems are continuously updated to embrace change and refinements. 

This proactive approach to quality management and delivery ensures we are able to reduce risk to our clients and are rarely called to attend defects on a project.